1.2 Style Monitor Window in 2.10?


Hello all!

I’ve recently upgraded from Nagios 1.2 to 2.10 and I’m very pleased thus far except for one detail… the absence of monitor.cgi.

My company uses Nagios to monitor two separate networks using plasma displays hung on a wall. In order to make things easy on our help desk staff, we made a quick frameset that loads each of the Nagios’s “Monitoring Window” into a frame.

In version 1.2, this was available as the first option under “Monitoring” in the left column of the main Nagios interface. It called monitor.cgi and passed it some variables. Apparently monitor.cgi is no longer part of the software and has been completely replaced with status.cgi.

My problem is that status.cgi has several boxes at the top of the window that use almost all of the screen space on our plasma displays. So folks monitoring our network via Nagios can’t see hosts down, they only see the boxes at the top of the screen.

After much looking it appears that I’m kind of SOL (Sorry out of luck) unless I’m willing to edit the status.css file and add display:none to all the entities I would like to not display. This seems kind of drastic since it breaks all other uses of the page and the functionality was there in the previous version.

I assume I’m simply overlooking an option or something I need to pass in the URL to status.cgi since I can’t believe others didn’t find the monitoring window useful.

I’ve attached a screenshot showing what I’d like to achieve and what we have now so this makes a bit more sense.

Edit: OK. having problems with attachments so I’ve uploaded the screen to imageshack.us and provided a link here:
Nagios Image Showing monitor.cgi and status.cgi differences

Thanks for any help and suggestions!