100% Indeterminate/Undetermined Trend/Availability Reporting


OS: Debian Etch
Nagios: Nagios 2.6

Both are fresh installation.

I’ve been running nagios for a few days, but the trend and availability report still show 100% indeterminate/undetermined. Any advice on how to troubleshoot this issue?



I have the same problem. This is a 3 year old install. I’ve been upgrading along the way and am running 3.0.3. I have 375 services over 35 hosts. I just recently added another host 2 days ago with 2 services. an apache check and a ping check. the trends for the host and the services for this new host keep saying 100% indeterminate. All other hosts and services show proper results. Any thoughts?


I tried to add a host/service and go to the availability report.
I used the default answers to the form

And I also had 100% indeterminate … but, for my part, it was because I used the report on the last week. As it is a new host/service, it’s quite normal that nagios has no information on its availability :slight_smile:

maybe it’s just the same “problem” :wink:


I resolved this problem. Found a permission issue with the directory the nagios log files were being stored. Found this by closely reviewing the apache log file…


Can you be specific what file needs to be change in permission, so others will get the help’? Well, I recently added another nagios server with few host and services. Trend does not work properly. As loose pointed out because this is new ngaios server it has not much data to produce. Well, I will wait until tomorrow. Can you tell which log file this trend use ?

Also when i try to see the trend it shows nothing but complains you do not have permission. I checked in cgi.cfg and made sure all the access to the account i created.