2.0 status page links, i.e. nagiosgraph show.cgi


I was using nagios 1.2 with nagiosgraph and the extinfo icons from the status page would link directly to the nagiosgraph show.cgi for the specific service with extended information. I’m now trying out 2.0b4 and this has been changed so that access to the show.cgi link requires accessing the status page, then the service page, and finally the extra services notes page. While the old method may not have been the best this new method is cumbersome when perusing charts for multiple services. So to my question;

Is there a more efficient method of accessing extended information for a service in 2.0b instead of going through the extinfo.cgi links on the status page?

I read through the 2.0b docs but couldn’t find anything that appeared to be what I’m looking for. At this point I’m thinking perhaps I should add a custom entry to the side.html menu for my extended info links. Which brings up another question;

Other than defining serviceextinfo, is there a way to add links to the nagios interface from the config files?

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an idea could be modifying the pages asd to have a direct link to the graphes when clicking on the chart icon… interesting idea but no time to try it myself i think it shouldn’t be terribly difficult as the servicename macro should be already defined… should you do it please keep us up to date :slight_smile:



Modifying the pages, i.e. status page, was my first thought, however, it is generated by a cgi script written in C. I could change it and recompile but I’d prefer to stick with an unmodified nagios if possible. That is why I started thinking about changing the side.html file as its a simple text file I can edit with minimal repercussions. I’ll wait a bit before I proceed.


modifying the side.html wouldn’t help much i think… either you insert all graph links there or i don’t see much use… :confused:
depends how many graphs you have… :slight_smile:


I wont put the graph links in the side.html file, I’ll put a link there to a custom page from which to access various custom chart displays.


well you would need to insert those graph links anyway by hand…
or… i don0t know if nagiosgraph generates a homepage like nagiostat does where all graphs are listed… possibly a good idea for here too. while waiting to see how to modify the status pages
Thanks :slight_smile:


Here is what I’m thinking, I’ll put a single link in side.html to a custom non-nagios page that will use php automatically generate links to the nagiosgraph show.cgi for each data file in the rrd directory. It would be a rather simple task.

From there I may consider something more complex, i.e. chart thumbnails so you can get a quick look at say the weekly chart before pulling up the entire show.cgi chart list. Or perhaps even foregoing the show.cgi for a custom php page that would show the charts how I want them.


Sounds nice :slight_smile: