2 Nagios monitoring each other


Well, hello to everybody, i’m a new user in this forum since i met today Nagios.

I have a problem, I have 2 Nagios, and i want Nagios num.1 to monitorize Nagios num.2’s process (it’s called nagios3) and viceversa.
How could i do that?

Thanks, and sorry because my english isn’t very good at all…

EDIT: I’ve read some pages and i figured that i could do that using NRPE, because this plugin gives me the capability of monitorize processes from other linux/unix machines… Am i right?


This page gives a lot of detail on what I think you want to do: nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/2_0/redundancy.html


you don’t need nrpe… check_by_ssh could do it as well… if it’s only for the servers cehcking each others nagios it could be enough. and it would warn if ssh fails too :smiley:


Many thanks to both of you! It’ll be helpful! :slight_smile: