2 or More Nagios Instance in 1 Server or Machine


because I’m planning to organize all my host all in all its 900+, host that we monitor in our dept. we need to separate this 900+ host for example 1 nagios- is all host that are WAN then 1 nagios again for LAN host and 1 another nagios for etc… something like that… can anyone help me or give me some info on how to that…

thx in advance!




Well, there are some ways to install several instances of nagios on one account with only one nagios installation…
BUT, it’s really hard to implement, and, in the end, quite useless

IMHO, the best (and simplest) way to accomplish this is what we did:
create a new account for each instance (nagios, nagios2, nagios3 …etc), make separate installations (as if the others don’t exist) and enjoy :slight_smile:

Hope this helps


ive install nagios via yum… is it easy for me to make another nagios-instance?, and IMHO? is it easy?.. thx for the reply




hi! can u give me the site your saying the IMHO… thx in advance!


Dar - C


IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
just an acronym …

and sorry, I don’t know yum; maybe you could try to install nagios the “normal” way (ie: download the sources and compile them) :slight_smile:


lol :), ah ok thx for the info.