403 Forbidden


Still kind new to linux, I installed negios on f9 per the Fedora Quick start guide, everything went as planned and appeared to install correctly. I went to hda/negios and i get the popup to log in. That gets accepted and I get

You don’t have permission to access /nagios on this server.
Apache/2.2.9 (Fedora) Server at hda Port 80

Dont understand why that would happen if i used the correct username and password. Don’t know where to begin to look for the issue.

Thanks for any help in advance


check the permissions part again and the htpasswd creation section of the installation


I have this SAME issue. I checked my permissions in the /usr/local/nagios directory and all access is given to nagios user and nagios group. The nagios folder which contains the bin, etc, libexec and stuff… Is give to the root user and group. Should I change this?


If you installed from RPM check the readme files for your package, if not check the official docs for setting up the nagiosadmin user.


In the install in your book, it doesn’t look like you set up a nagiosadmin user initially (I haven’t read to far bast the install lol).


nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/ … buntu.html
section #4 Customize COnfiguration.

As it looks like you can make without my help :wink:

Have fun.