A couple of simple questions


Hello all,

I just want to make sure here that my understanding is correct… I want to have nagios send 1 email every 30 minutes when there is a problem with a host or service. Would I edit the value to “30” for the “notification interval” under the host definition?

I also figured out that nagios is not sending out emails when only one service has a problem such as SSH for example. Where in the nagios conifg can I define something that tells nagios so send out email for all services on all hosts?

Thanks for the help



It should be enabled by default, but I had some problems with that so let’s assume you have to define it. :slight_smile: In serevice definition put the option
notifications_enabled 1
or if you have service templates defined, even better, you don’t have to repeat this operation for every service.


Yeah, I have defined a service template with notifications enabled. Cool, thanks for the short reply, much appreciated!!!