About:Next Scheduled Check


from the webinterface i can see

Current Status:
(for 3d 23h 58m 22s)
Status Information: c: - total: 80.00 Gb - used: 9.32 Gb (12%) - free 70.67 Gb (88%)
Performance Data: ‘c:\ Used Space’=9.32Gb;64.00;72.00;0.00;80.00
Current Attempt: 1/3 (HARD state)
Last Check Time: 12-08-2009 16:46:15
Check Type: ACTIVE
Check Latency / Duration: 0.251 / 0.282 seconds
Next Scheduled Check: 12-08-2009 16:56:15
Last State Change: 12-04-2009 16:51:40
Last Notification: N/A (notification 0)
Is This Service Flapping?
(0.00% state change)
In Scheduled Downtime?
Last Update: 12-08-2009 16:50:00 ( 0d 0h 0m 2s ago)

how can i chang the next scheduled check time?
i mean i want to modify the check interval .
thanks for any replay


if you need a one time check click on reschedule this check in the webinterface.
If you want to change it definetly cehck the services.cfg file. and change the CHECK_INTERVAL value in the service checkdefinition.

remember to reload nagios. (first check the config file with the -v option.