Access group of hosts per user



We are starting using Nagios and it looks great but we are wondering if there is any way to have users access only to a determined group of hosts/services, instead of the whole.

We have to manage the hosts of several groups of people and we would like to show them individually the state of their hosts but only their hosts, not the whole, for example one user USER1 who could see the state of the hosts of GROUP1 and another USER2, who could see the state of the hosts of group GROUP2.

Reading the doc about users and authorizations, it seems it is only possible to access all or nothing. Is it true or is there any workaround possible?

We have thought of trying the plugin for cacti to see if it could be possible to do it so, but it seems not.

Any other idea?

Thanks in advance



Take a look at the other forum thread you posted on same subject. The docs do NOT show it’s an all or nothing. Just the opposite in fact.


Yes, it´s true. I had got confused with the authentication params in the cgi.conf file and I thought it was the only point for authentication.

I have tried what you says and it indeed works.

Thank you very much.