Ack via email/sms


I may be blind here, and if so I apologize in advance. Is there a way to ack a notification via a simple reply to the email/sms received? I can mostly visualize what would be required (maybe aliasing the nagios users’s email address to a shell that acks via the cgi’s or something) but I’m assuming that someone else has invented this wheel already. ?

Thanks in advance!


Hey dude,

Don’t worry about the CGI’s, everything you can do via the website you can do via the command line by passing stuff to the “external command file” (nagios.cmd).

SO to do this, hit up this site: … ndlist.php

As you can see, the first two listed may be the ones you need. Click them and it’ll give a nice little example script of what you need to echo to nagios.cmd.

As for how you’re going to have an email reply cause a script to be run which echo’s stuff to nagios.cmd, you’re on your own there! I’m positive it can be done as we do something similar with our RT ticketing system (maybe look for examples by looking up RT documentation?)

good luck