action_url again


Dear All

i need a little help with the following

i have found some scripts and progrmas to perfom ping an traceroute trough an action_url, are wroten on php, i have configurated the action_url on nagios using teh following line on hostextinfo.cfg ,/nagios/nettool/window.php?hostname=$HOSTNAME$&ipaddr=$HOSTADDRESS$.
i am not a programmer so PHP lenguage is a big problem for me. according some google documentation all parameters and php lenguage on scripts are ok, but no results are displayed when you click on action_url and the window is opened
attached on this post there a zip with the programs.
the action_url is configurated to use window.php, this script call nettool.php a window with buttoms trace and ping is showed, but no data regarding hostname an ip address is showed, so
i think that there are a problem when these data, hostname and ipaddress is passed to one program to another

i hope that someone could test this programs at another nagios install , and help me to find what is the problem

thanks in advance for any help


What happens when you run the php script from the command line? Also you should be able to test the php script outside of nagios completely by just calling it from apache with some hard coded parameters to test.