Active check_nt services that act passively?

Does anyone know of a prebuilt way to have check_nt (or another plugin) not override existing data if the check times out or finds host unreachable?

I am monitoring a few things on a dozen workstations. I don’t care if the computer is off, I just want to know how much space was left on the hard drive last time the check was successful.

There are two reasons for this. One, active checks already work, passive checks have been a pain, and would be more difficult to manage centrally. Two, if I could set it up so timeouts return as unknown, then I could set a notification for critical returns and ignore all unknowns.

I hope some of this makes sense. Writing while rushed, will try to explain more later.

Isn’t ignoring unknown values in the notifications what you are looking for?


I see what you are looking for. You want to view the “service detail” page, and be able to go down the list and look at all the space available, even if the device is now down. Since nagios is setup to report problems, I just don’t see how you can past that. Perhaps setting up nagiostat will give you something you can use, for the devices that are down. Or setup syslogd on these devices to send out there system logs to one central location, so you can view them from one place.