Add details to notifications



I was wondering if there was a way to send append details with an alert configured through the services.cfg?

For example:

-Say I have a very simple log scraper on an application server located in the /etc/nagios/cfg.d/log_scraper
-This log scraper looks for a string “Database connection errors” when it finds it 10 times it marks it as a critical
-nagios sends out an email email and a text with the following:

Notification Type: PROBLEM
Service: Database_Connection_Errors
Host: Servername

Date/Time: Fri Apr 9 11:07:22 EDT 2010


Critial - (85 warnings in Database_Connection_Errors.protocol-2010-04-09-11-07-14) - Error message form log file sting blahblahblah error error error

What I would like to do is append some directions to this alert if it should go off… So if some one on call gets this alert not only to they see the error message form the logs, but also directions for what to do, like
-troubleshooting steps
restart app
check database connectivity

Here is what I have in my services file currently

define service{
use app-servicegroup
host_name serverName
service_description Database_Connection_Errors
service_groups NOC team
max_check_attempts 1
check_command check_nrpe_logfile!240!check_logfiles!/etc/nagios/cfg.d/$SERVICEDESC$

Is there away to add something in the service definition to append a message?
SERVICE_APPEND_COMMENTS check to make sure you can connect to the database. If that is ok then restart app

Thank you for your time


not sure, but “custom variable macros” might be what you need.