Adding hosts


I’ve poured over documentation and I can’t understand why the new host I’ve added in the hosts.cfg and hostgroups.cfg files is not showing up. It’s not in the status log either. I removed a couple of hosts, and that was easily accomplished by removing them from hosts and hostgroups config files. (Although I should note that I wasn’t immediately aware that I’d be locked out of the CGI’s if the host existed in one file and not the other). I’ve been looking at the HTML documentation that came with Nagios, but is there other documentation I should be reading?



You surely have already done it, but nevertheless, I prefer asking it:
have you reloaded nagios after you have changed your config files ? (by typing nagios-dir/bin/nagios-init reload).

if you did it, could you post you config files ?

ps: don’t forget to add a least 1 service for each host; nagios doesn’t like hosts without services


Thanks. I hadn’t reloaded nagios, so I did that and it did show up, but then hosts that were passing tests started failing. And in looking at that problem I found others. I’m going to have to abandon this for now, but you answered my question and I’ve noted it for the future. Thanks!