Adding new host atribute


I wanna add latitude and longitude to each host, so i was thinking of adding this information to hostextinfo.cfg and the respective structure inside the code…

Is there any eazier way to do that? If i add these 2 variables in hostextinfo.cfg what files ill have to change?

the atribuition of the variables in hostextinfo structure is made in xodtemplate.c?? would u correct me if im wrong? i added this in xodtemplate.c

[code]else if(!strcmp(variable,“latitude”)){


#ifdef NSCORE
snprintf(temp_buffer,sizeof(temp_buffer)-1,“Error: Invalid latitude value ‘%s’ in extended host info definition.\n”,temp_ptr);
return ERROR;

i also changed some function in objects.c, but im missing something because the map wont show the latitude from hostextinfo.cfg, but the value i gave in xodtemplate.c