Advanced alerting

Well now that I have nagios up and running and monitoring the things I want it to monitor. I would like to set up a pretty advanced alerting scheme. Basically I want to be able to build Sendpage ontop of NAN, so in case of total network outages we can have it dial out and alert us. The problem is, I’m not sure if or how we could build these rules into NAN, basically, I want if our e-mail server goes down (smtp service) or our network link goes down (we’re pinging a core bell router for this test) I would like nagios to page a numeric pager through a TAP gateway. All other alerts can be sent through e-mail. IS there a guide or can someone give me a heads up into how to implement this?

If you can write the script to perform the actions needed, then simply define the command to run it. Define another command similiar to the notify-by-email command, but your new one would simply point to your very own script that is going to dial out to the modem.

I already figured out an easier way to do it haha, thanks though!

which is?