After install, /etc directory not present


After I do the install, the /etc directory is not in /usr/local/nagios as per the setup doc. All the other 4 directories are in there. I have set this up on four different installs of slack 10. what could be the problem, what am I missing.


If you followed the docs step by step, you might have missed what the output from “make all” suggested. You also might want to read the “INSTALLING” file located in the nagios source root.

This from that file "Creating And Installing Sample Config Files

Sample main, resource and CGI configuration files are automatically
created in your distribution distribution directory after you run the
configure script. The files are named ‘nagios.cfg’, 'resource.cfg’
and ‘cgi.cfg’ respectively.

  1. If you want, you can install the sample config files into the
    {prefix}/etc directory with the following command:

     make install-config"