After the nagio install it asks me to open or save a file


I just finished installing Nagios 3.1.0 on my Ubuntu server 8.10 system based on the instructions here IP_Address/nagios), enter my credentials, but then a window pops up saying this:

You have chose to open

which is a: application/x-httpd-php
from: IP_Address

What should Firefox do with this file?
-Open with
-Save File

Not too sure what is going on, but I would appreciate any help or suggestions.

Thank you


HI, I get the same error. If you found the solution, please post it. Should we just try Debian instead?? help please.


Looks like your php installation is wrong.
Check the PHP install on your webserver if you create a file named info.php containing:

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

and you point at it in your broser you hav to get a page giving you informations about your webserver, if this doesn’t happen PHP isn’t working.