Agentless Windows Monitoring


I am trying to monitor application services on Windows XP workstation and have Admin priviliges but CANNOT install any agents on it.

What are my options?


That would be very hard in my opinion. You can do a ping or telnet sort of check.

Otherwise you need: SNMP / NSCLIENT (NRPE) or something like that i guess.


Posting here as well for others:

For security reasons, agentless monitoring is a lot less robust than having an agent (like NSClient++), but it is possible by using windows’ built in performance monitoring and WMI. It’s also easier to manage a crapload of windows boxes when you don’t have to update each one every time you have a new plugin.

And you’re lucky, a year ago it was hard to find agentless stuff. Check this project out: … 4.html;d=1

If that project doesn’t have something you want to do, have a look at the scripts and what it’s using. You will be able to search the MS knowlegebase for different commands that WMI will accept, hopefully it will have what you want. You can also do a search on for “WMI” for other pre-made nagios checks.

It is of course not as robust, but if your monitoring requirements aren’t overly specific, then just using WMI works. You know Microsoft Mangement Console (MMC) and its “Snap-In’s”? They use WMI to interface remote computers and get information.

If you’ve got something specific though, NSClient++ is pretty secure when you use a non-default port and encryption + password protection (which is a built-in option) and is described here … ndows.html

Best of luck