Alerts for windows processes with more info (CPU/Mem/User fo


Hi All.

I’m trying to setup some additional monitoring for some of our Citrix servers (Windows 2003).

Currently, when users log on and run an application, the process msaccess.exe is run for each user logged onto the system.

For whatever reason, we often have the issue where this process starts running at 100% cpu capacity for one user.

At the moment, NSClient++ is installed, and Nagios reports back when CPU usage is above 80% etc. This is helpful, but I’m hoping I can go one level further…

Is it possible to send alerts which specify which instance of msaccess.exe is using the most CPU, and which user this process is associated with?

For example, in the windows task manager, we can see the process name, memory usage, cpu usage, and user… Would it be possible to send all this information back to nagios, and alert with this info included?

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rob.


Very old post but is this possible ?

I would like to monitor the cpu utilization of the ntdbsmgr process on a windows server.