Am I jumping ahead on this?


Brand new Nagios user here. I am currently trying to setup Nagios on a Linux ( box running Apache 2.0.54 and have Firefox 1.0.4. I have looked at the online documentation for getting Nagios up and running.

I have not yet setup authentication and therefore can get to teh Nagios site I have without a problem. What is puzzling me is that when I click on the links in the left hand part of teh screen I am expecting the CGIs to show me nothing. A blank screen or something along the lines of ‘no data’. However, regardless of what I select I am always asked by Firefox if I want to download the CGI.

Is this because of authentication, and I should continue (EG, I’m jumping ahead on this adn should just continue with the setup) or is there another problem that needs to be addressed first before I continue. Never having used this software before I am not sure what to expect.

Anyone run into this before or know how to resolve this problem?


Look at using another browser and see if it behaves differently. I’m using firefox and it’s not doing that.


seems more like a server problem, the server shouldn’t try to send the file it should parse it and give out an HTML page.
Looks like your missing something on the apache side.