[announcement] NagiosQL 2005


NagiosQL is a web based administration tool for nagios 2.x. It helps you to easy build a complex configuration with all options, manage them and use them. NagiosQL needs a webserver with php, MySQL and file access to the nagios configuration files.

Website: http://www.nagiosql.org
Sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/nagiosql/


Has anyone else checked this out yet? I just did. They have a live demo you can check out… Looks pretty freakin’ kewl. Very clean. Simple yet powerful.


I’m using it myself as well now. A VERY nice product! :frowning:


I’m just trying to use it now, keep getting nasty configuration errors from nagios, I wish there was some kind of documentation. The install is fine but configuring a fresh system is pretty tough, not working yet but I’m still trying.


What are the ‘nasty configuration errors’ you’re getting? 8)


Well I’m starting with an empty configuration. I have gotten the errors down to:

Error: Contact 'Justin_Fielding' has no service notification commands defined! Error: Contact 'Justin_Fielding' has no host notification commands defined! Total Warnings: 0 Total Errors: 2

Nagios won’t start using the init script, I am guessing because of these ocnfiguration problems.

I am a nagios newbie and do find the configuration quite complex. I did have nagios working using the minimal config example, however since trying to get nagios running with NagiosQL I can’t get anything going. I’m thinking of trying Monarch instead, this seems to have great help for people like me with tips at every stage of the configuration, hoever it seem that for now it only works with 1.3 not 2.0.

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it looks like all you have to do is tix the error described by nagios.
“Contact ‘Justin_Fielding’ has no service notification commands defined!” So to fix it you define it. And no, nagios will not start until you fix the things it complains about if it’s a error and not just a warning.


Fixed them, however it required me to setup things which I don’t want, so I’m going to wait for Monarch to support Nagios2.


I too found it a little difficult to get going, and the NagiosQL dist could include a base config to start from but here are some tips to help. First create the directory structure under /etc/nagios. Then touch ALL the required cfg files within this structure so you don’t have missing files. Then create a single very simple host/service/contact, etc. in each corresponding file. Following this process should be enough to get Nagios running even though the info will be bogus. You will have to start Nagios outside NagiosQL. Then use NagiosQL to continue building your structure. Once everything works good, remove the bogus stuff and you’re done.


By now this product has reached version 2.0.2, and they’ve also put a demo online. (username: Admin, password: admin)


what is the last version of Nagios it supports?
thanks… looks interesting…


[quote=“zest”]what is the last version of Nagios it supports?
thanks… looks interesting…[/quote]

Their most recent release, version 3.0.1, has as requirements listed:
]Webserver e.g. Apache 1.x or above/:m]
]PHP 4.3 or above/:m]
]MySQL 4.1 or above/:m]
]Nagios 2 or above/:m]
]PEAR Module: HTML_Template_IT 1.1 or above/:m]
]PHP Extension: gettext/:m]
]PHP Extension: mysql/:m]
]PHP Extension: ftp/:m]
]Javascript enabled at your Webbrowser/:m][/list:u]


The demo has reached version 3.0.3 and its username/password is now ‘demo’.

Direct link to the English version.