Any suggestions?


My current config:

Ubuntu 6.10, Nagios 2.4-1, Nagat 1.0a2-7, BackupPC 2.1.2-5Ubuntu3 (all from Ubuntu repos), AVG 7.1 FLM r30-1 Antivirus for Linux, all installed on a 1.3 Athlon, 512MB PC2100 RAM, 5 hard-drives (among them, 2 160GB drives, combined by LVM).

My dream:

I am setting up a backup server, for off-site machines, both Windoze and *nix. The backups will be scanned for viruses daily, backed up every 2 hours, and I’ll be notified if ANYTHING goes wrong.

I’m looking for plugins that would allow Nagios to notify me if any of my drives are soon to fail, and maybe a customer as well, if any of their backups are found by AVG to be infected.

Anybody have ideas on how that might be accomplished?


How are drives determined to be “soon to fail”? If they are SMART drives being monitored by the SMART daemon, then the errors will appear in /var/log/messages. Also, depending on how you have AVG logging setup, that to, most likely will log to some file.
Both of these files can be monitored via nagios and a check plugin that does just that, check logs. Look around and see which one you like the best. The check log plugin will search the file for “string” and if found, will report an error. But that means you must know what it will report before hand. In your case, you might not know what an error is going to look like. Perhaps you could search around AVG site, and find a “typical output”.