Anyone have experience with PNP?


I currently monitor most of my systems with Cacti, and now that I’m implementing nagios monitoring, I think that I want to hand off the rrd generation from cacti to nagios.

I’ve looked through a lot of the documentation and it seems to be a fairly straight forward task… Just use nagios’s performance data feature and pipe it out into an rrd file.

What I’m really looking for is an opinion on a way to make it templated (and if PNP will do what I want).

I’d like to be able to define a generic RRD file template, then when the script executes (to update the file), it first makes sure the file exists, then updates (or creates it if it doesn’t). That way I could template the script in the service definition template, and everytime I create a new service, it just makes the RRD file and runs with it.

On a related question… once I have data in the rrd, I know I can add a link to the status page to display this graph, but what about setting the graph as the image shown in the popup on the status map?


I use a skin for nagios called Centreon.

With this you can easily setup rrd graphs etc.