Anyway to alert if Nagios Server (monitoring server) goes d



Can anybody tell me how can we set an alerting mechanism, if Nagios Server which is monitoring remote hosts goes down? Pls let me know the options or any methods which we can do this…

Thanks in advance



well, in our setup, we currently have 2 ways to tell if a nagios server goes down:

  1. as we have several nagios servers, each one is supervising the others (not just the nagios process; we check if the log files are being updated … cause sometimes, nagios just gets stuck)
  2. all our alarms are sent (via SNMP traps) to a hyperviser named Netcool; so we just implemented a check called heartbeat (a check_dummy 1 which returns a warning error), which is sent to Netcool. Then, Netcool raises an alarm if no heartbeat is received since XX minutes.

Hope that helps a bit :slight_smile: