anyone know if there is a special plugin needed to monitor APC pdu units ?

or can I add it to services.cfg with snmp ?
the APC units have a web interface with SNMP config options.

newbie loser.



sorry, I don’t even know what’s an APC pdu unit.

However, if it can answer to SNMP queries, you should have a look at the “check_snmp” plug in;
you can find it in the nagios plugins.

run it with the --help option, and it should be clear :slight_smile:
if not, don’t hesitate to post again



PDU is power distribution unit

APC is the manufacture. the make power supply units.
this is a rack power supply. it has a web based and ssh interface that will
send snmp traps for monitoring.



Im also interested in monitor my APC PDU.
I found: nagiosexchange.org/cgi-bin/s … =pdu&Go=Go