Asking for some details and plugins for installing nagios!

I want to have nagios installed on a linux in our company,But I can’t get the details and plugins about installing nagios!

if you have installed nagios please give me some helps?

I thank you!

Minquan … tml?page=1

That should get you started. Please refer to the online docs for Nagios for further info or post here. I’m a Nagios newbie myself, but I can probably help you out on the basics.

me too, I m now trying to figure it out! I can work together with you to share some understanding, may not be correct but we can discuss.

the installation part should be easy, but I think you need some time to accept and get use to the concept. Try install first.

Details on configuring nagios.cfg, contacts.cfg, services.cfg and every other .cfg can be found in the documentation. If you aren’t going to read them, then I’m at a loss as to what could possibly be any better than the step by step instructions that are alread available.