AutoDiscovery Nagios3


Hello, compliment of the website and the documentation provided, I’d like to ask the following questions that I could not find an answer;
Assuming that I manage a lab of 20 computers with 2 switches, Ichose to to use an NMS to help me in this .

But I doubt arose:

  • Through a Nms able to have control of every PC? That is to enable, disable services and verify any of these problems?

For now I’m trying the solution in labaratorio Nagios although I must say no risultato.L 'installation, I made quite easily from reposotory, eh I have not had big problems.

As for the operation are not well advanced. I do not have scanned the network, the machines present.
In addition to my other posts do not appear to me … why? I should not do autodiscovery automatically makes me like OpenNMS?

What’s wrong?


Nagios has no autodiscovery capability.
And should you choose to use nagios anyway, drop the repository install and get it from source:



So should I go to delete my installation and replace it with reposotory from source right?

Nagios gives me an opportunity, however, to manage the services of any pc? I mean I could to stop such services on a machine running?


using the install from source helps a lot to have a common filstructure for trouble shooting.

No, nagios is amonitoring and aletrting system, it hasn’t been created to manage services, even if it can partially be done, but i think there are better suited tools.


Not very likely I expressed myself well … I wondered if I had an overload of the network such as I could to remove the connection to a particular PC?

There are better solutions for what I do?


i don’t think so… nagios can help you identify a problem, if you install nagiosgraph or something similar like cacti you can even idenitfiy the source of the problem but i wouldn’t go as far as saying nagios can shut the pc off the network… that would require a bit of scripting capabilities to identify th eport to which the PC is conencted and fire another script to shutdown the network port on the switch…


There are software that can do all this? you know…?


no idea, sorry.


We have a cheap appliance that does this, if you are interested.