Availability and time period %-6


First, please, excuse my english…
I have a question about availability on Nagios 1.3.

I have a service checked from 9h00 to 19h00.
If this service is DOWN at 18H50, and the service becomes UP during the night, will nagios consider service DOWN during 14 hours and 10 minutes ? (from 18h50 to next check at 9h00)
I would like to have service down only during 10 min because it isn’t checked during the night. (can it be UNKNOW or something else during the period of night?)

How can I resolv this problem, please ? I can’t find a solution :cry:


"I’m a bit confused. You have nagios running a service check for a 10 minute period only for 24/7/365?
Anyway, if the device is down, it’s down and unavailable. Why would you want nagios to lie to you? You can’t have nagios tell you “100% availability” but actually, you have the device “Online” for only 10 minutes per 24 hours.

What do you have your check_interval set to? 100000? or ssome huge number?


wouldn’t it be better to have nagios work 24/7 and have the notifications sent only during the time period 9-19?



I’f I understand Guano’s question it’s more Service Level oriented. I’ve defined my own timeperiods just for the purposes of reporting for the Service Level Agreement we have in our company. Some of my servers need to ba available only from monday to saturday and I can work on them and shut them down during sunday.

Guano go to Availability cgi and make some reports where you put in different First Assumed host/Service State and you will see how the % will be counted.

I hope I understand your objections correctly


Thanks for your answer.
I have my service with this time period :
9h00 to 19h00 from monday to friday.
Friday we were the 04-08 and today we are the 04-11.
My availability report from friday to monday says 3d and Xh UP.
Logs are :
Event Start 04-08 18h00
Event End 04-11 10h00
Event Duration 3 d…
But I don’t want this because service was not checked during week-end.
How can I have something like :
1d 1h UP (1 day = friday and 1h = monday from 9h00 to 10h)


YOu may want to configure nagiostat and keep graphs then. I never really cared for the nagios trends, availability, etc. But graphs made with nagiostat will show you just whatever you want it to show.