Bandwidth usage per IP or packet


HI everyone, I’m new to this forum so firstly… Hi.

What i am trying to achieve is to use TSHARK to collect information about the amount of traffic user per user on a small network.

I have set up a net-book to work as a router so that all network traffic should pass through this machine. I need to be able to output data from the command line, into a XML style file which will contain source IP, destination IP and packet length(size) for each packet that passes through the router so that i can then parse this data and graph bandwidth usage per network client.

does anyone know how to manipulate tshark to be able to do this?

cheers in advance,



it would seem that i have solved my own problem,

this seems to do the trick for me, i can then filter and sum the packet lengths for a specific IP address giving me the bandwidth usage for that client