Best design questions - Templates and inheritance


So this will be my 3rd Nagios install, and my biggest one yet. As of now the last two installs were for internal IT support only, in a single location with very few differences between time periods and contact groups and the like.

This new setup will be to monitor 100+ locations, each having three hosts (one windows, two ubuntu) and each of the 3 hosts will be setup with the same services at each location.

Now the issues I’m trying to work out are about how best to build my templates and inheritance. I have no problem with monitoring, for example, http, and ssh on ubuntu1, ssh and smtp on ubuntu2, and RDP on the windows box via templates, but where I’m not sure is how best to setup things that are specific to each location short of creating 100+ templates
For example, all services at location1 - location20 need to alert during eastern standard business hours, while ssh services at location1 need to go to location1_It group, and ssh services at location2 need to go to location2_It group.

From what I’ve seen, one way to go would be with use_regexp_matching=1, but I’m a little lost with how to leverage this feature…


you may want to have a look here: … ricks.html

never did this… but i think you could startby defining hostgroups for the windows/ubuntu servers and defining the services you need.
In another hostgroup definition i’d insert the timeperiods, defingn different timeperiods for the different timezones.

hope this helps, please keep us updated :slight_smile: