Best Nagios Agentless Configuration


i need to monitor Linux and Windows machines (agentless).

I have nagios installed on 1st computer running Suse. 2nd computer I have installed Windows OS so that proxy functionality can be used. Can someone please tell me since now I need to monitor Linux servers as well, do I need to have another 3rd server that needs to have Linux for it to act as proxy for nagios. In short can I use the main nagios server for monitoring remote Linux servers.



Yes you can use the main Nagios machine to monitor remote linux machines. You will been the nagios NRPE plugin, which you can download the following link:

As for the using the other Window/linux machine for proxies, I am not totally sure how to help you there. I am not using any proxies myself, so I dont think that I will be able to help you with that part.