Best practices for security



I was wondering what’s the most secure Nagios client for windows there is? For example nagios-wsc , NSClient++ or other if you are familiar.
Is there a list of all Nagios windows related clients?
What are the pros and cons regarding security for Nagios clients (windows related but not limited)?
How can I harden the clients and the Nagios server? How can I make Nagios become secure? Run with the minimal communications and least privilege?
I’ll be happy to know if there’re best practices, tips for that matter.

I have found the following paper that deals with security aspects. … g/1618.php

I have found the following thread that deals with those issues: … ic.php?733

pls be specific as much as you can.



Good questions; I don’t know the answers, but if someone has them, I’m listening :slight_smile: