Big Authenticaton Issues


I have just installed latest Fedora and Latest Nagios RPM package.
First off I noticed that by installing via RPM deploys it differently than the old fashioned way. So right off the bat there is adisconnect.

Anyay I am able to get the web interface to load up, but all other links to CGI tools downt he left do not work. I tried with and without the .htaccess file. When the .htaccess file in in there (I added root, nagios and “me” as users) it says I dont have authorization… but then again I am never confronted with a pop up box so no suprise. So thats the first problem.

After removing the .htacces file, i seem to be hitting the CGI files because I get the annoying Internal Server Error message…

"Internal Server Error

The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request."

I checked the Apache logs and they say “Permission Denied”. when trying to hit the CGIs.

I looked at the permissions on the CGI folder and the individual files and they all say owned by root (me) and Read and Executs are all checked, so they shoudl run…

Any ideas?



no they will not run… they get accessed by the user with whcih apache runs (usually nobody) so you need to get nobody execution rights :wink:



If that doesn’t work out, remove the rpm and install from source. That way, you can follow the nagios documentation step by step. Besides that, by installing from an RPM, you have to live with the way that person compiled it. Now you don’t want that, because nagios can be compiled many different ways, to provide many different options, such as using Mysql for retention data, template based ext info, so you can use nagiosmap to map out your statusmap.cgi, etc.
In other words, ditch the rpm and start over from source.


ues I’m going to ditch the RPM install and just do from scratch via the tar ball. I was having other problems with my Fedora install anyway with video driver and card. So I installed a replacement and a fresh install of Fedora. So now I have a good baseline. I’ll begin the set up of Nagios the old skool way Monday :wink: Thanks guys.


if you still have problems let me know and ill give you a link that will help you solve the problem that you were having (the one above) which i was also having. its only contained to Fedora Core 3… and possibly 2 but I’m not sure. It took me about 5 days to find the answer… and im still looking for more answers to other problems taht seem to be contained to FC3!!