Books that mention Nagios



[/html] And NetSaint is mentioned in: [html] [/html]



Just thought I’d mention I am currently working on a book for Apress in the US on Nagios 2.0 - tentatively entitled “Enterprise Monitoring with Nagios 2.0”. Apress are looking to publish it in early 2006.


James Turnbull

P.S. Very sorry to hear about the cat.


Good work! :frowning:

As soon as it’s available, let me/us know and it will be added to the list, at the top! 8)


“Open Source Network Administration” is a waste of money. It “mentions” Nagios only to the extent that it says it exists and lists a few features. The book only talks in detail about a handful of very specific tools, mostly ones that the author wrote himself.

Even before it comes out, I would recommend James Turnbull’s book. I know “Hardening Linux” and other APress titles, and I am really impressed.


[html] I’ve just been informed by Julie from Apress that the book Pro Nagios 2.0 by James Turnbull is now out and available. Julie is also kind enough to send me a copy for review, so expect that online shortly after the copy has made its way to me here in Norway… shades.png



[html] Now that there have been several books dedicated to Nagios I am going to un-stick/close this thread. Instead I would suggest people to check this thread instead, which lists all books dedicated to Nagios.