BUG in nagios 3


Hi to all. There is a problem with setup of two or more nagios daemons on 1 server. When i’m compiling 1st from freebsd ports or just from downloaded source it’s allright. BUT when i\m trying to setup second copy of nagios (offcource it must have different prefix, htmlurl, cgiurl parameters ). It’s launching, and working but… it cant see his stylesheet directory and many other files. Nfgios 3 is forming some urls incorrect during the compilation if you want to set it up with NON standart directories and urls.
When i compiled and installed nagios 2 (it was a second daemon on this server, 1st - nagios3). It works fine.
So this is nagios 3 problem.
I don’t know where to post bugs for nagios, if anybody knows, please send it to developers. We really need two and more nagios 3 daemons on 1 host