C or Perl


Hi guys,

there is a significant difference in performing that justifies the C coding ?


less memory usage & less execution time.

But you can’t modify the code on the fly like Perl. And keep in mind that C is low level coding so, imho, you need to watch out and catch more error than in Perl ( memory, file, …)

It’s a personal choice, but I think, in the future, will totally switch my Perl script to C, to improve execution and performance.



Not unless you have a large installation. And i mean multiple hundreds to thousands of ACTIVE checks being run from a single nagios box. Check out your load and execution times on your nagios page.

Some people choose to compile their check_snmp to C, simply because that is the plugin that gets run the most (ie: 48 ports x 100 switches). Then they just leave the others.