Can nagios detect registry & gateway changes


I have nagios installed on a server & nsclient++ on the users’ machines.

I’m trying to find a way to see if nagios can show me any registry changes made by the user and if the user changes his gateway ip address.

Thank you.


nsclient++ out of the box won’t do that (unless, of course, you can think of a WMI query to get that information)…

If, however, you write a script/program which responds in the nagios fashion (see for development guidelines) then you can instruct nsc++ to run that command.
All nagios cares about really, is state code… Is the service/host unknown, up, down, unreachable etc.?

Ie. You could write a command that parses the output of netsh or ipconfig to determine current gateway settings and compares them to a known good value.
… there might even be something already to do this - good place to start is