Can Nagios monitor a web front end?


At my organisation we have Nagios.
I was wondering if anyone knew if Nagios can monitor a web front end to check an application is running.

Basically we have an application that’s interface is a website and I’d like Nagios to monitor this to check it’s working as the server it’s hosted on has been getting itself into a state where it is none responsive but on the network and Nagios isn’t alerting us that there is a problem.



good question :slight_smile:
at my place, we worked around this issue by doing a check_http test on a test page.

For example, we have a basic configuration of an apache server, calling a tomcat located on another server, which is calling a database on another server.
=> we just did a web page that tests the whole chain (ie: a page that calls the database through tomcat) and returns “OK” if everything is fine, and something else if not :))

In the end, the test done by nagios is very simple “check_http -H server -u /test_page.html -s OK”

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


That’s great news.
I am going to speak to our Nagios guy to see if we have check_http plugin installed.

My example might be a bit easier as I can check the main page rather than having to setup another page (like you had to). Have you done the check on anything other than the string check? I’m just thinking to future proof this I may want to just check that the page is not in error state (not 403, 404 etc…) without having to look through the source.

Either way you have been a big help!