Cant load web interface


Hi all, new to Nagios.
Installed the latest version of ubuntu desktop and latest versions of nagios and nagios plugins following the quickstart guide found here: … buntu.html

Step 8 when i try to log into the web interface, i get prompted with the username and password, so i enter them and it authenticates but it then prompts me to open or save a file instead of loading up the web interface.
i saved the file just to see what it was it was named: uohDutvv.phtml.part

im not sure what step ive missed, im pretty sure i followed the guide correctly.

Any help would be appreciated.


Have you configured apache.cfg and restartec apache?


I have the same problem: when opening server-ip/nagios/index.php browser offers me to save the file with such content:



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[/code] I was following the same quickstart guide as Fuxulate and restarted the server... Cant understand what I have done wrong.


I have the same problem. Find somebody the solution to solve it? What PHP packages must be installed?


I was using version 3.1.0 development\testing, now im using stable 3.0.6 version, Nagios works great…