Can't manage to send only ONE notification email to all



I 'd like to tweak Nagios to send only ONE notification to all contacts in one grouped email (thus every contact knows who else is notified). However the default notification system is not used in that way (notify command attached to the contact) and I haven’t find a clean way to do it.

Has anyone had this issue ?




Haven’t tried it, but have a possible idea.
In one contact definition, set up multiple comma separated addresses like this:

But those addresses should be forwarded to /usr/bin/mail as CC addresses, so add an -c switch with $CONTACTEMAIL$ macro before -s switch in command definitions for sending emails.
You should replace the $CONTACTEMAIL$ at the end (which is in fact TO: field of the email) macro with one of the valid admin email addresses which gets every message, cause /usr/bin/mail must have valid mail address to which it sends the message.


Thanks for your help.

Haven’t tried it but it should work fine. However it does wreck a bit the mechanism of contact definitions which would be annoying in the platform I’m working with…It would be nice to be able to do it with the contactgroups and I think something is missing in Nagios in that way.