Can't view info in Web UI


Hi, I recently got Nagios installed and it seems to be working fine. I have a problem accessing the web admin area though. I have a user called “nagiosadmin” and I can log in and get to the main screen, but I get the following error when I try to view any other screen:

I have set all the “authorized_for…” configurations options in cgi.cfg to allow nagiosadmin, including


Still no go though. Could this be an issue with file ownership or incorrect permissions? Please advise.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


One thing I noticed which may give a clue is that when I’m in the “Tactical Overview” screen, the top-left box shows me logged in as “?”

[quote]Tactical Monitoring Overview
Last Updated: Wed Dec 29 14:53:25 EST 2010
Updated every 90 seconds
Nagios® Core™ 3.2.3 -
Logged in as ?[/quote]

Does this mean that for some reason, I’m not being recognized as nagiosadmin? If so, what could the reason(s) be?

Thanks again!


OK, I figured it out - .htaccess wasn’t being read properly by Apache (well actually I accidentally named it htaccess).

I’ll let you know about the next problem I run into :).