Can't we moniter a windows system(not server) with nagi


I want to monitor a windows system(not server) with windows XP as OS with my nagios installed in a centOS box.
Can any one please explain the things to do once.
What should I install in my windows system.




in fact, it’s quite easy:
install NSClient++ on your windows machine (it’s a compilation of nrpe+ncsa), and use it as an nrpe agent :slight_smile:


I installed NSC++ win 32 bit and a zip file from the link prescribed in
I installed it.
In my centos server, I added windows.cfg file to nagios.cfg and restarted it after changing all the addresses and all
But on my web interface i saw all the services which are included in windows.cfg are critical and the status information is
CRITICAL - Socket timeout after 10 seconds
Please help me in solving this.
One more thing is I did not do anything with NRPE on my server(centos) and client(windows system) as well



Well, before having fun with nagios, you should try to do it step by step

Step 1 would be to make it work by running it on command line:
on your nagios server, do a “check_nrpe -H name_of_your_server”

for this to work, you have to:
-have a compiled “check_nrpe” on your nagios server
-have a NSC++ working on your windows server
-have no routing problems, or firewalls
-have no problems with SSL (if your network is secure, compile your plug ins without SSL (option --disable-ssl))
-have properlly configured your config file on the client

Step 2 would be to do a real test, like “check_nrpe -H name_of_your_server -c my_check_example -a arguments”

and Step 3, when you’ll have this working, then put it on nagios :slight_smile:


Thanks, I will try this and will post the result soon


i have some problem with monitoring windows machine.
it said check_nt: cannot parse arguments
someone have an idea of what’s wrong in my configuration ?

thanks in advance !


as long as you don’t post your configuration, we can’t really help you :slight_smile:

please, post some lines of your config, like service definition and command definition :slight_smile:


I dont have check_nrpe command in my commands.cfg and also in the plugins i downloaded. Where can i get those.



The check_nrpe commnad is part of the server-side NRPE install, which is available from the downloads page of - step 3: Get Addons


Ok, I will check it once


well, In my all windows server I only use NSClient and did not configure NRPE and I am having no problem. Are you saying I should rather use NRPE than NSC ?



no :slight_smile: the choice is up to you;

the 2 plugins work different ways, and the best choice depends on your set up and constraints (even so, I personnally prefer NRPE :))