Capacity Management for Nagios 3.12


Hi All,

I have been tinkering around with Naigos 3.12.
Got some functions to work with Ubuntu 8.04 64Bit/Naigos 3.12/Naigos WSC(WMI Proxy)
I picked this setup to avoid installing clients on each and every Virtual Machines (by using WMI built into Windows)
I can pull drive space, utiliziation, file size warning etc…

Anyhow, what would one recommend as a solution for Capacity Management.

I found plug-ins like PNP4Nagios and nagiosgraph, has anyone used this for capacity management?
I am interested in CPU utilization, Storage (Drive space usage) and generate some sort of graph.

Also, from what I gather, Naigos uses rrd, am I correct?
If so, how much historical data will this rrd keep?

Thanks for your help…


nagios doesn’t use RRD in itself, some addons like nagiosgraph do.
Personally i used cacti for keeping track of historical data, it’s a dual setup, but it was worth the effort in my opinion.

RRDs can be configured to keep as much data as you need. it just depends on how much data you want to keep and how much disk space you want to use to keep this data :slight_smile: