Centreon Instalation problem


Hello folks,

I have problem with installation of Centreon for nagios.
Instalation is OK, then I open url localhost/centreon and I following instalation but then when is this part finished. I cant see any data I cannot see nothing I have blank page.
and if I check apache2 error_log then I can see following error:

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method DB_Error::fetchInto () in /usr/local/centreon/www/index.php on line 204.

I have no idea what I can do to fix it. can you help me please??


ou I fogot it is this row:


and up and down is one more row then all 3 rows:

$res =& $pearDB->query(“SELECT template FROM general_opt LIMIT 1”);
$skin = “./Themes/”.$data"template"]."/";

Any ideas???


I find it !!!

if any one will have problem with Centreon installation, with for example “$classdir” and what I wrote higher just check all config files and fix beggining and the end of config files where MUST be this:

on beginning: "<?php"
at the end: “?>”