Centreon plugin configuration


Hi, I have some question regarding plugin configuration.

Max Check Attempts: what exactly does this do? does it send a notification after unsuccesful max check attempt, does it stop checking it at all? please explain.

Normal check interval: next to the box it says *60. does this mean 60seconds/minutes is default if i leave it blank? does it mean multiply by 60? so if i put in 1 it will run the plugin command every 60 seconds/minutes. please explain.

Retry check interval: do this mean the time between the max check attempts?

Notification Interval: this is how often i get sent a new notification? so if the problem havent been fixed, i get a mail ever 30min or whatever the intervall is? What if I only want to recieve the notification once?

If these topics are well documented somewhere, I would appreciate a link, but so far I havent found it.


The section of nagios docs that explains all this is unintuitive to get to, so heres a link:

nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/ … ml#service

It will tell you what each of the “object definitions” do (retry_check_interval , notification_interval, etc are object definitions)

I’m not sure why theres an asterisk(*) in front of that 60 value, but you shouldn’t need it…unless it’s Centreon specific or something. All the options you mentioned are nagios configuration options