CGI-BIN help


Hey guys,

After ironing out a few typos I have got Nagios running, THe problem I am having is with the web interface when I click on a link to a CGI it returns with

Not Found

The requested URL /nagios/cg-bin/status.cgi was not found on this server.

As you might of seen already its pointing to /nagios/cg-bin/***.cgi instead of cgi-bin. When I manually put it in firefox it works! So it must be a configuration file somewhere.

I have checked httpd.conf,cgi.cfg and nagios.cfg and they all look fine is there somewhere I have missed?




well, to me, this behavior points directly to a typo in httpd.conf … could you check it again ?
(try a “grep cg-bin httpd.conf” to make sure …
and to be really sure, go to the section where the “ScriptAlias” are defined and make sure there’s no typpo there).

I hope it comes from here; otherwise, I don’t really know :wink:
Tell us if it solves the problem or not


Hi Loose,

Thanks for the reply and I was pretty sure it would be httpd.conf but I have checked it three times now and its still correct :frowning: . Its quite bizarre


The plot thickens in the access.log for apache its actually trying to find /usr/local/nagios/share/cg-bin ???


My boss actually pointed out what was wrong in the end! Under the HTML files in side.html it was a typo in there which is a bit strange