CGI-BIN wasn't created


Run the Configure Script:
./configure --prefix=/usr/local/nagios --with-cgiurl=/nagios/cgi-bin --with-htmurl=/nagios/ --with-nagios-user=nagios–with-nagios-group=nagios --with-command-group=nagios
i run by above settings.
and make all
make install
but i coudn’t find cgi-bing folder.all .cgi files are in sbin.when i run application by web interface,when i click links at left side it is displaying following error:
Not Found
the request URL /nagios/cgi-bin/status.cgi was not found on this server

what i did is :
i created cgi-bin folder in install dir/share folder and copied all .cgi files to cgi-bin folder.
then right frame displaying following error.

Error: Could not read object configuration data!
1 Verify configuration options using the -v command-line option to check for errors.
2 Check the Nagios log file for messages relating to startup or status data errors.
3 Make sure you’ve compiled the main program and the CGIs to use the same object data storage options (i.e. default text file or template-based file).
1->it is ok
2->no log file is being create
3->i coudn’t understand what is this meaning

please provide the solutions to my problem
thank you


The problem is that you didn’t follow the nagios installation instructions very well.
Please try again.
Even after installing nagios dozens of times, I still follow them word for word, and then make a few corrections that I have documented in this forum. … c.php?6194