Change network layout in the statusmap


who can tell me how to get a network layout like in this picture: … ios005.png
in my statusmap?

I know the standard layout, but how do I tell Nagios which hosts are linked (and with that which lines to draw), instead of Nagios linking every host directly to the Nagios server?

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you need to use the parent relationships while defining the hosts.
Nagiosmap is quite useful in this. (after the initial shock :smiley: )

Edited Mon Dec 05 2005, 03:20AM ]

A shock? Well, we’ll see. It looks promising… :slight_smile:

it’ sjust the fact that if you have many hosts it takes a while to get the map to a state where you actually recognize the connections :smiley:


It appears they used nagiosmap to make that layout. I know that is what I used.
Of course, I already had several hundred hosts configured before I decided to use nagiosmap. So yea, it was a big ball of fishing line when I first started the app, and I had to untangle it all. Actually, it felt like great therapy. Kinda like knitting a rug I guess.