Changing 'look & feel' of Nagios


Hi there

Is there a way to change/modify the nagios screens ?
For example is it possible to change nagios to your own style? :?:

Thanks for all your replies :smiley:


yes and no. there are some “themes” around (i remeber the nuvola theme). You have to check for version compatibility…
If you make your own changes to the look keep in mind that updating will overwrite these changes so you prbalby should keep diff files for everything you change.


Hi Luca

Thnx for your reply.
I already am working on the nuvola style for nagios and that seems to work after some modifications
(changing the html links to php links for example…)
I’m also aware that I need to save these changes before upgrading Nagios to a new version :mrgreen:
Anyway, thnx for your reply :smiley:


if you want to do bigger changes it will probably require changes to the nagios source and recompiling… did it a couple fo times to have passive checks in green instead of red… same thing, diff file required. :slight_smile: